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Trek Bicycle Corporation


Spring 2021


Social Media Content Creator


Motion, Design, Social Media,

Digital Marketing

As a member of the newly built social media team at Trek, I design, edited, and helped plan content for Trek’s global digital channels. I had the opportunity to collaborate with brand managers across the organization and assisted in bringing their ideas to life, and created content in-line with marketing, social, and community goals. 

March Madness

In honor of March Madness, we developed an interactive instagram campaign to engage the Trek and cycling community. After designing a cool logo lockup, I went ahead and developed four conferences – road, gravel, mountain, and electric – each with their own corresponding story slides. We then used the poll tool to collect survey results, and over the course of the week, facilitated 3 rounds of social media tournament frenzy. 


We were also able to use the tournament as a springboard for story content centered around the winning bike, further educating our audience on a product that was poll–proven engaging to Trek followers. Overall, the campaign led to some of the highest week–long engagement the channel had ever seen, with a relatively low investment of time and resources to create.


Product Sustainability

Trek prides itself on its sustainability efforts, and they developed a number of cycling products made from recycled materials. Over several days, we messaged the importance

of designing for circularity – manufacturing bike products from recycled bike products.

We used dynamic close-up footage of the materials coupled with motion graphics to tell

the story, creating a format template that could be used to share many recycled products yet

to come.


My role was first ideating and storyboarding the concept, then illustrating, animating,

and developing copy for this social campaign.

Earth Day: Rule of 430

Continuing the theme of sustainability, "The Rule of 430" was a key piece in educating consumers about the positive environmental impact riding ones bike can have. 

 The math is such that once a cyclist chooses to ride their bike 430 miles that they would've otherwise driven in a car, the bike achieves carbon neutrality.


I created social content to help promote "The Rule of 430" honor of Earth Day, designing animated stories that were both engaging and easily understood to help promote going by bike.

International Women's Day

For International Women's Day we wanted to find a way to lift up female voices throughout our Trek family, from pro riders and mechanics to those that work in corporate offices globally. A company–wide call for submissions yielded an overwhelming number of inspiring stories. These were used to create a compilation of what the women of Trek are most proud of, and featured valuable contributors from across the globe.


It was an authentic way to acknowledge IWD, giving a platform to the incredible women who help the organization thrive and inspiring the next generation of female cyclists and business leaders.

Trek Community Guidelines

The cycling community is generally a friendly one, but it's still important to have clear guidelines about what is acceptable when managing digital channels. 

We created this story highlight to live as an outline on how to be a good community member and a fun reference for keeping Trek social channels a welcoming place for all.

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