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House Boston Now is a campaign I created for my semester–long campaign project for Graphic Design 2. It focused on raising awareness around the housing gap in Boston and beyond.  


Providing sufficient low-income housing is a problem in every city across America.  Surprisingly, Boston is one of the most successful, meeting about 49% of the need.  House Boston Now is about improving that number, and changing the habits and mindsets of Boston residents so that they are conscious of, and demand, responsible housing solutions for the city.


House Boston Now


Fall 2017


Art Direction – GD2 Final Project


Campaign Creation, Design, Copy,

Motion, Photography

I chose to pursue watercolor and text as my key visual elements for this campaign.  The slab-serif logo lock-up was created to capture rugged personality for which Boston is known, but I coupled it with a clean sans-serif font to put forth a clear and delicate voice.  By using watercolor for all illustrations, I was able to soften the message and make the content more approachable, while still maintaining a sense of urgency in message.

The collateral developed for this project includes posters, banner mock-ups, and an animated video.

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Animated Video

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