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Winter/Spring 2019


Art Intern


Illustration, Motion, Design

Flocabulary is an education company that uses the power of hip–hop to teach kids through music, video, and other online resources. From January to June of 2017, I worked there as an art intern, responsible for illustrating, animating, and editing videos under the guidance of an amazing art director. 


While at Flocabulary, I also had the opportunity to work on wireframes, lower-thirds graphics, and

video ads.

Homophones, Homographs,


This was a project that I worked on throughout the duration of my internship at Flocabulary.

I was responsible for all of the visual components of this video – illustration, animation, and design – which I created under the direction of our video

and curriculum team.

The Navojo

"The Navajo" was the first video for which I played a major role at Flocabulary. I illustrated all scenes, characters, and assets, and the video was later brought to life by another animator. Some stills from the original PSD files are included below the video.

Week In Rap

Every other week, I was tasked with editing the "Week In Rap."  This entailed working to find usable footage with the rest of the creative team, then spending editing the clips together and creating animations as necessary. All this had to be done in a day, so Thursdays could end up going pretty late. These videos help young kids follow current events, and engage middle and high school students while teaching them about American and world news. Below is an example of one video I edited.

Mobile App Advertisement

This was an ad that I made in preparation for the launch

of Flocabulary's mobile app, which was featured on the "New Apps We Love" section of the Apple app store.

It is based off a template, but required quite a bit of animation, management of assets, and a whole lot of timing movements and color to the music.

Drawn Intro/Outro

This short animation I created for Flocabulary has been used as an intro and outro for several of their videos.

Lower Thirds Graphic

This is a video Flocabulary produced with the help of the Standing Rock school district, which features my animated logo as well as my animated lower thirds graphic at the bottom of the screen. It was one of my favorite projects to work on and it became a go-to for videos with interviews.

Coolest Co-op

This was a video that the other interns and I made at Flocabulary for a video contest at Northeastern. The challenge was simple; show why you have the coolest co-op in a short video. I helped write, film, animate, and perform. Needless to say, we won.

Even more needless to say, I should never try rapping again.

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