Below are some product, collateral, posters, and marketing materials I've designed for various organizations and events.


Night at the Roosevelt was a large semi-formal event planned by residential life at Northeastern University to mark the end of the spring semester and send the freshmenn of White Hall into finals week with a bang.  Complete with mocktails, photo booths, teenage pop-anthems, and a long red carpet, twas' truly a dance party for the ages. I crafted collateral to help bring the hype.


Night at the Roosevelt

We proceeded with the most tactful marketing methods that our res-life budget could buy. The unsuspecting freshman could find a witty poster (shown on the left) taped to every surface and wall of the building.  Our media blitz continued with personal invitations (shown below) slid under the door of every room.


But what good is a ballin' RA program if residents aren't given the tools to tell all their friends they were there? Upon arrival, they were bombarded with commemorative stickers perfectly sized for laptops and water bottles. They were also served 'mocktails' in souvenir cups, which gave them the opportunity to use the black and white logo lockup.


Finally, we had a polaroid photo-booth, which allowed residents to take aesthetic pictures of their pictures to score some insta-likes. Was this part of the design collateral? No, but from a UX standpoint, the booth was absolutely essential in creating an amazing user experience.


Jews Cruise

I designed advertising collateral for a philanthropy event that I've helped to organize throughout college. The event raises between $10,000 and $25,000 annually – depending on ticket sales, donations, and how intensely the guests partied.



An assortment of event posters I have designed during my time as a member of various organizations at Northeastern.


Eh, I tend to kinda just wing it with these, so maybe designed isn't the right word.